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David Henderson

Dr. David C. Henderson is Chair of Psychiatry at the Boston University School of Medicine and Chief of Psychiatry at Boston Medical Center. He is the Co-Director of the Global Division’s T32 Fellowship and an Associate Professor of Epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health.

Dr. Henderson’s main research interests are psychopharmacological and antipsychotic agents in the treatment of schizophrenia, impacts of antipsychotic agents on metabolic anomalies and glucose metabolism, and ethnic and cultural psychiatry. He served as Director of the Division of Global Psychiatry from 2009 to 2015.

More About Dr. Henderson, Co-Director of the Global Psychiatric Clinical Research Training Program (T32)

Dr. Henderson also studies trauma in areas of mass violence and develops programs to assist vulnerable populations. In addition, he provides technical assistance to governments and organizations on mental health policy and planning – most recently, for the Republic of Liberia in collaboration with the Ministry of Health – and builds global partnerships that increase local clinical, research and training capacity in resource-limited settings. He has worked in international and conflict-affected areas for the past 18 years in places such as Bosnia, Cambodia, East Timor, Ethiopia, Haiti (post-earthquake), Iraq, Japan, Kuwait, Liberia, New York City (post-9/11), New Orleans (post- Hurricane Katrina), Rwanda, Peru and Uganda, among others.

Dr. Henderson has published numerous journal articles in the Archives of General Psychiatry, American Journal of Psychiatry, British Journal of Psychiatry and Biological Psychiatry. He is editor of the International Journal of Culture and Mental Health. He has lectured extensively in the United States and internationally on schizophrenia, treatment-resistant schizophrenia, metabolic disorders and schizophrenia, psychopharmacology, ethnopsychopharmacology, trauma, and cultural psychiatry.

Dr. Henderson received his medical degree from the University of Massachusetts Medical School, completed his residency at MGH, and trained as Chief Resident and Research Fellow of the Freedom Trail Clinic at the Erich Lindemann Mental Health Center in Boston.


Dr. Henderson’s assistant is Amandeep Sangha. Her email address is Amandeep.Sangha@bmc.org. 

For Dr. Henderson’s publications, please refer to the below links:
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