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Date: 2016-11-24
Title: WHO Global Conference on Health Promotion

MGH Division of Global Psychiatry Director of Policy, Dr. Ed Wang, was invited to participate in the 9th WHO Global Conference on Health Promotion, “Promoting Health, Promoting Sustainable Development, Health for All and All for Health” in Shanghai on November 21-24.

As an advisor to Bamboo Bicycles Beijing (BBB) and representing the Division of Global Psychiatry, Dr. Wang and the BBB team were invited to share their exhibit for the three days of the convention. BBB works as a community where people play different roles according to their strengths. It is through teamwork that they are able to operate smoothly as a whole and help promote the theme of sustainable urban mobility. Dr. Wang expands BBB’s focus of alternative transportation, clean environment, and strong community engagement to include a culture of health that promotes mental health and well-being as part of whole health in healthy cities.

As part of the conference, BBB promoted the themes of “I cycle for my mental health”, “I cycle to reduce my risk of heart disease”, “I cycle to strengthen my community”, “I cycle for clean air”, “I cycle to save money and time” and shared their exhibit with WHO Director-General Margaret Chan, other WHO delegates, and city mayors.