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Event Date: 2016-02-18       Event Time: 6 pm - 7:30 pm

Event Title: Global Psych Dinner: Dr. Judith Bass, "Implementing Psychotherapy Trials in LMIC: Lessons Learned and Future Plans"

Location: MGH Bulfinch 225 (Trustees Room)

Description: Judith Bass, PhD, MPH is Associate Professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Department of Mental Health. Her areas of expertise include designing and evaluating methods for assessing mental health in non-Western cultures in order to investigate the effectiveness of innovative prevention and intervention strategies. Dr. Bass is interested in the interconnectedness of mental health and economic development with the goal of understanding how interventions and programs addressing each of these domains can be integrated to better improve health and well-being.

Dr. Bass has led numerous needs assessments with populations as diverse as survivors of torture to street children. Building on the results of these needs assessments, she has co-led multiple controlled trials of adapted mental health interventions in low-resource contexts. These trials have evaluated the impact of community based mental health interventions provided by providers with no to minimal mental health training with supervision from staff with higher-level training. Her current work includes evaluating the impact of caregiver intervention on the caregiver’s own mental well-being, assessing moderators of psychotherapy impact in a mega-analysis of trials from 6 LMIC contexts, and designing and assessing the scale up of a cognitive therapy for female survivors of sexual violence in the DRC.