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Event Date: 2015-10-19       Event Time: 6 pm - 7:30 pm

Event Title: Global Psych Dinner: Dr. Victoria de Menil: "What's it worth? Community-based treatment for severe mental disorders at the base of Mount Kenya"

Location: MGH Bulfinch 225 (Trustee's Room)

Description: Dr. de Menil works as the Global Mental Health Program Manager at the Stanley Center for Psychiatric Research. She completed her PhD at the London School of Economics, studying the contribution of for-profit and not-for-profit private providers to mental health coverage in Kenya.

Victoria will present her findings from a cost-effectiveness analysis of the intervention of the NGO BasicNeeds in rural Kenya, as applied to a group of individuals with bipolar and schizophrenia-spectrum disorders. The intervention, called the Mental Health and Development model, combines community-based mental health care with social and economic supports, relying substantially on self-help groups. It is currently implemented in 12 countries globally and has reached over half a million people affected by mental illness. The data presented here will provide a rare glimpse at patient-level costs, as well as gains from return to productive activity as a result of effective treatment.