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Dr. Charlotte Hanlon is a British psychiatrist who lives and works in Ethiopia as an Associate Professor at the Department of Psychiatry, Addis Ababa University, and also a part-time Senior Lecturer in global mental health at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London.

Dr. Hanlon works as a consultant psychiatrist in Zewditu hospital, Addis Ababa, and is programme director of the PhD program in mental health epidemiology at Addis Ababa University. Dr. Hanlon has a background in epidemiology and mixed qualitative-quantitative research, with a primary research focus on Ethiopian women with mental illness. Her PhD examined the sociocultural context, epidemiology and public health impact of maternal mental ill-health. She is currently involved in research training and mentoring medical students and psychiatrists in Ethiopia. The main focus of Dr. Hanlon’s current work is in mental health services and systems research, seeking to support the Ethiopian government’s scale-up plans for mental health care.

Dr. Hanlon received her PhD in psychiatric epidemiology from the University of London, a master's in epidemiology from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, and her medical degree from the University of Oxford.

Dr. Hanlon works closely with the Division of Global Psychiatry as a mentor to its T32 Fellows and to Dr. Borba on her schizophrenia and gender study in Butajira, Ethiopia.