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Dr. Cyralene Bryce is an academic and a practicing general psychiatrist in Barbados.

Dr. Bryce's work in the fields of general hospital, consultation-liaison and emergency psychiatry; mental health education; health care administration and public policy at a national level has led to a career focused on global mental health. After completing her residency training in 1997, she was appointed as Senior Registrar in Psychiatry at Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH; Barbados’ only public hospital) where she served until 2003, when she was promoted to Consultant Psychiatrist and acting CEO of the hospital. Dr. Bryce also currently serves as the Psychiatry Department Head at QEH, and is responsible for departmental policy and administration.

Emerging out of these career interests is her commitment to public service and policy regarding mental health practices. Of note, she wrote the first ever Mental Health Policy for Barbados after conducting numerous workshops and high-level consultations with relevant stakeholders (including patients and caregivers), PAHO, and government officials. The policy was officially adopted by the government of Barbados in 2004.

Dr. Bryce's research career has focused on ways to improve the quality of life and both mental health and physical outcomes of populations suffering from malnutrition and associated adversity in Barbados and the Caribbean. She has developed several instruments to monitor the mental health of these populations. In 2004, she joined the Barbados Nutrition Study, and in 2006, replaced Dr. Sir Frank Ramsey as Field Director and Co-Principal Investigator of the study, a unique 45+ year longitudinal study of the intergenerational effects of early childhood malnutrition on mental health. She also mentors Harvard undergraduates, medical students, and post-doctoral fellows doing their field work in Barbados.