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Dr. Teshome Shibre Kelkile is a senior researcher and clinician.

Dr. Shibre has advanced training in qualitative research from Kings College, London; epidemiology, field research methods and international public health training from Umea University, Sweden; and data analysis in public health research, and statistical reasoning from Johns Hopkins University. He has conducted numerous epidemiological studies employing both quantitative and qualitative methods. He has over 50 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals. He was a primary investigator of the famous Butajira mental health research project that has interviewed over 67,000 adult populations. His work examined the case identification method in a traditional community setting through innovative methods. His research on family burden and stigma are among the few study reports from traditional societies and his expertise in the course and outcome of schizophrenia and bipolar disorders have challenged key assumptions on the outcome of schizophrenia in developing countries.

In addition to his education and research roles, he has extensive experiences in international collaborations with Toronto University (Canada), Umea University (Sweden), and the Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Shibre has actively collaborated with the Division of Global Psychiatry on research projects in Ethiopia. He also serves as Dr. Christina Borba’s primary co-mentor on her NIMH KO1 award to examine socio-cultural aspects of schizophrenia in Ethiopia.