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Dr. Silvia Domínguez is an Associate Professor of Sociology and Human Services in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs at Northeastern University.

She is also a Faculty Fellow at the Urban Health Research Institute, the Women’s Studies Program, and the Brudnick Center for the Study of Conflict and Violence. Dr. Dominguez was trained as a forensic psychiatric social worker and provides forensic and clinical services in her Cambridge, MA office.

Dr. Dominguez specializes in areas addressing the welfare of women, children and minority populations both in the United States and abroad, with additional emphasis on sexual and gender-based violence, race relations and immigration issues. Dr. Dominguez has been recognized by the United States Census Bureau as an Ethnography expert in low-income populations, and has received citations from the National Institute of Health for her research regarding the role of violence in health disparities. She is the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships, among them, the 2009-2010 Ford Foundation Diversity Post-Doctoral Fellowship; the 2007-2009 Health Disparities Fellowship, National Institute of Health; and the 2006 Urban Health Research Institute Fellowship.

Dr. Dominguez provided expertise for the sexual- and gender-based violence portion of the Liberia National Mental Health Policy and has been working with the Division of Global Psychiatry since 2009.