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Dr. John Joska is an Associate Professor and Neuropsychiatrist at Groote Schuur Hospital and the University of Cape Town (UCT). He is Director of the UCT HIV Mental Health Research Unit and the Division of Neuropsychiatry.

Dr. Joska has conducted epidemiology research of HIV-related mental disorders and studies neurobiology of cognitive disorders associated with HIV. He has completed a large cross-sectional study characterizing clade C HIV (NIH R01). The group is in the final stages of completing an RCT of lithium carbonate in HIV-dementia. This will be the largest study of this molecule in the published literature. The unit has experts in neuropsychological, clinical, and basic science research. Dr. Joska has investigated screening for common mental disorders in people infected with HIV and behavioral barriers to receiving mental health care. The group has also investigated HIV seroprevalence among methamphetamine treatment seekers; screening for hand as well as mental disorders in HIV. They are also funded by NIH to investigate behavioral and counseling interventions to improve adherence to antiretroviral therapy.

Dr. Joska is one of the South African mentors for the Global Division’s T32 Fellowship.